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Hi [%first_name | username%],
Welcome to the 55th edition of our newsletter, friends. Here's what we have for you this week:
  • Get your Music Hackathon entries in before it's too late
  • Hover cards have arrived
  • Learn to code with Edwin in our Developer Spotlight
  • Anonymously upload photos with our App of the Week
  • Peruse our the Repl Highlights
  • Introduce yourself to our community
And if you're curious... The language used in this week's newsletter is my personal favorite: Golang.

Start learning about Golang by checking out some of our community's repls. Or if you're already proficient in Go and want to do something new with it... Community member @Lord_Poseidon wrote this neat tutorial on how to create graphics with Golang.
you're going to want to enter this
There's just one week left of our Music Hackathon, and we've already received a lot of amazing entries. Check them out and throw them some upvotes.

And in case you needed some motivation to enter yourself? Here's a quick rundown of our prizes:
  • First prize: $5,000
  • Second prize: $2,500
  • Third prize: $1,000
hover cards!
Wondering who that user is? Want to know which languages they're building their repls in? All you have to do is hover. Hover cards have arrived.
Get serious about Javascript with Edwin AKA @eankeen, our resident tutorial mastermind. Check out the full profile here, or just skip to some of his best tutorials:
This week's App of the Week, by @mat1, is a handy—and anonymous!—image uploader written in Python. Don't forget to upvote.

Apps of the Week are chosen based on two things: highest traffic and creativity. Show us what you've got.
this weekly repl highlight is ballin
I'm pretty excited about this week's round of repl highlights. Here's a summary: You can find all the highlights on this post. Want your repl featured? Submit them here.
We love getting to know our community! Start by introducing yourself... maybe you'll meet your next collaborators? (Insert "are you more of a Woz or a Jobs" joke here.)
As always, please feel free to give us feedback on our feedback boards!

The Repl.it Team